1. Pixabay – Massive database of royalty free images free to use anywhere.
  2. Name Check – Check the availability of usernames across websites.
  3. Retroj.am – Rediscover the music you grew up listening.
  4. Nukemap – A simulator that lets you customize different nukes and see the effects on a map.
  5. Jurassic World – Promo website of the new Jurassic Park movie looks like a real, interactive theme park.
  6. ScotBlood.co.uk – Scotland’s current blood bank levels.
  7. TLDRLegal – Software licenses explained in plain English.
  8. MyScriptFont – Create a font from your own handwriting.
  9. JournalDeMontreal – Visit Montreal through 360 degrees photos and videos.
  10. Flood Map –  Raise sea level by up to 800m and see what would flood.
  11. Rolling Stone – Every Rolling Stone magazine cover photo since the 1960s.