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If you’re in Canada or Europe and want to watch a streaming movie using a  Hulu subscription or the latest episode of “Silicon Valley” with HBO Now, you’ll probably be out of luck.

There are a surprising number of countries where you can’t get streaming services that we take for granted in the US. This happens for a number of reasons. For example, Netflix may not have the international rights to show “Pulp Fiction” in Germany. And maybe Saudi Arabia doesn’t want the Comedy Central brand of humor moving through its state-controlled Internet pipes.

It's up to the streaming service providers to enforce those blocks and they typically do that by filtering the the IP address sent by the user's computer. The IP address tells Netflix, for example, where you're based. Netflix then uses that information to grant or block access to its streaming content. Some providers, like Pandora Radio, would completely block you if you're not physically present in the US.

One way around those blocks is to make the destination server think that the request is coming from someone based inside the dear old U S of A. That’s what Keenow Free Smart DNS does.

The software changes the DNS setting on your device to divert streaming requests to a US exit node, making them to appear innocuous so they get past the access blockers. The digital gatekeeper for a server in the US thinks a request is coming from the East Coast rather than somewhere on the other side of the globe.

The best part is that unlike other VPN clients or proxy unblockers which charge at least $5 per month, the Keenow Free Smart DNS is provided free of charge, as long as you have installed a free Streaming search extension for Google Chrome - MediaTab.TV or Keen Media Runner - which are designed to help you find licensed web streaming sources for any movie or TV show that you search for. 

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