The touristic road

                                      7 Stairs Canyon
Get to this canyon you must first arrive in the area named “Dambu Morii” which is located near the small town of Timisul de Jos (you can find it on GPS – Timisul de Jos, Brasov, Romania). If you travel by car you must go on the road from Bucharest to Brasov City. At about 17 kilometers from Brasov, in the area of a resort named Dambu Morii (you can also find in on GPS – Camping Dambu Morii, Sacele, Brasov) you must notice a small road on the right (right – if you come from Bucharest, left – if you come from Brasov). You make the turn on that road. You can either park at the entrance or you can park a little bit further, closer to the point where your trip to the 7 Stairs Canyon begins. There is a parking lot there, with no taxes included. There are three important landmarks on this road to the Piatra Mare mount. There is this 7 stairs Canyon and further up, for those who want more adventure, there is a precipice named The Bear’s Precipice (Prapastia Ursului) and finally a chalet.

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